The concept of the Creativity Week radi! activities (2016 – 2018)

The aim of radi!

The high concept of radi! as a social movement is to create public interest and understanding of the development of the creative and cultural industry sectors and their interplay with other sectors such as education that promotes creativity, innovative business and rational management, all the while absorbing the best international experience, following the latest trends and highlighting Latvia’s achievements.


With radi! to LV100! 

The radi!2016 programme creates a conceptual link and bridge with the programme of activities celebrating Latvia’s 100th anniversary, paving the way for creative potential and new opportunities for partnership. radi!2016 highlights the knowledge, talent and experience in creating their Latvia.


In 2016 the radi! partners will update the subjects that first came to attention in the previous years, on the opportunities for cross-over in competencies inherent to the creative industries and their importance to other areas crucial to society that would serve the welfare of Latvian society.


By creating a comprehensive network of business partners and by getting the public and private sector representatives involved in the social movement, radi! is expanding the partnership for the creation of interdisciplinary collaborations and the use of design thinking as an effective instrument at the corporate and individual level.


radi!2016 areas:

Education – encouragement of the new way of thinking and acting

  • Involvement of the youth in the school of the future system development – “I create myself in the school! I create the school for myself!”
  • Creativity in the educational sector and the involvement of change makers in the process that will take place during the year, using methods and best examples of “RaPaPro” creative partnership programme.
  • A modern museum, open for lifelong education for various groups of society as a possibility, place and space for getting an insight into culture, traditions, values and comprehension of new thinking models. Museum is modern, democratic and inspiring meeting format for partnerships.

Rational and modern management

  • Design thinking methods in the creation of partnerships in public sector that facilitate cooperation between politicians, representatives of public administration and the public in the effective direction of the political process and decision-making adapted to the needs of the population. Discussions on the possibility of creative bureaucracy in the modern public management.

Innovative business

  • The development of the creative entrepreneur genes and the role of design Study of best examples and experience of Latvian entrepreneurship.

Modern models and forms of co-working.

Cross-over of knowledge and technologies in creative and traditional industries: common cross points, experience, interaction.

Design as a change agent in business and in the social sphere.


radi!2016 timeframe

The main radi! activities and their culmination is scheduled for May 2016, but preparatory and auxiliary activities in Riga and all over Latvia will be held throughout the year, with the simultaneous planning of the 2017 and 2018 programme.


radi!2016 format

Discussions, seminars and workshops, think tanks, examples of interdisciplinary collaboration, projects and other easy to implement forms of collaborative thinking, work and creative endeavours.


radi!2016 initiators

Ministry of Culture and Representative office of the British Council in Latvia.


radi!2016 partners

The Danish Cultural Institute, the Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Latvia, French Cultural Institute, Goethe Institute in Latvia, Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, Creative Industries Communication Platform FOLD, the Ministry of Science and Education, the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Latvian Investment and Development Agency, State Chancellery, Latvian National Museum of Art, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Latvian Academy of Culture, Art Academy of Latvia, Latvian National Cultural Centre, “Creative museum” think tank, co-working space The MillTechHub RigaDemola Latvia, PULSE Hub, Creativity Lab, Riga Motor Museum and others.

16.05.2016. Press release. Restart Museum / Pārjaunot muzeju Conference Emphasizes the Role of Museums in the Context of the Creative Industries

Datums: 16.05.2016.



Vairāk informācijas:

Restart Museum / Pārjaunot muzeju Conference Emphasizes the Role of Museums in the Context of the Creative Industries


Press release,

16 May 2016


One of the central events of the Creativity week radi!2016 – Pārjaunot muzeju / Restart Museum Conference will take place at Riga Art Space on Wednesday, 18 May 2016, during the International Museum Day. This year radi!2016 focuses on the challenges of museums in modern time. When partnering up with other industries, museums become democratic co-working spaces, an environment that encourages intellectual advancement and fits in with other creative industries.


Museums as institutions of social memory may offer the opportunity to create modern ideas, products and services, cleverly using tangible and intangible heritage accumulated over the centuries. The museum is becoming a catalyst for idea generation and the development of creative, cultural and tourism industries. For this to happen, a museum, like any other complex system, needs to restart from time to time.


Presently Latvia has already carried out and continues to carry out a series of ambitious museum reconstruction and renovation projects. Museums are modernised, they are becoming more appropriate for the time – a welcoming and affordable place to meet, learn, think and create – the examples of this are Latvian National Museum of Art, National History Museum of Latvia, Riga Motor Museum, Literature and Music Museum and a number of memorial museums.


How does one restart a museum? How do various sides involved in the museum’s creative renovation respond to the process? Focusing on the partnerships between the museums and the creative industry, the conference offers a democratic platform for experience exchange in order to stimulate the thinking process and knowledge transfer that will serve as the restart button. Representatives of Latvian and foreign museums and creative industries will share their experience regarding methods and challenges in the reinvention of museums. The conference will be opened by Dace Melbārde, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.


The conference will be attended by not only Latvian but also world-class experts from Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland and Norway. Among them the President of the UK Museums Association and the Director of National Museums Liverpool David Fleming /Great Britain/.He has lead and supervised the work on several nationally important multi-million projects in the Great Britain. Since he become the director of the National Museums Liverpool, the museum audience has increased four times – from 700 000 to more than 3.2 million visitors a year. He authored many publications and is giving lectures and consulting museums, municipalities and governments in more than 40 countries around the world. David Fleming believes that nowadays a museum can change lives.


Estonian Maritime Museum Director Urmas Dresen /Estonia/ - former maritime historian and researcher. His goal when becoming a museum director was to turn it into something distinctive and unconventional. In 2012 Seaplane Harbour was opened on the museum territory, it attracts a wide audience with its contemporary reconstruction of the building and exhibition, consistently maintaining the first place in Estonia in terms of the number of visitors. For his accomplishments Mr. Dresen was awarded the title of Person of the Year 2012 by the largest daily newspaper Postimees, in turn, the museum won the prestigious Europa Nostra 2013 Grand Prix for the reconstruction of the harbour.


The conference will also be attended by the Reykjavík City Museum’s Director Guðbrandur Benediktsson /Iceland/, Museum Lolland-Falster’s Administrative and Building Conservation Director Leif Plith Lauritsen /Denmark/, Sør-Trøndelag Museum's research coordinator Hanna Mellemsether /Norway/.


About the opportunities for publications and for interviewing international experts, please write an email to reinis@makeart.lv or call - tel. 29293938.



All who are interested are invited to attend. Venue: Riga Art Space, Kungu iela 3, Riga. Date and time: 18 May 2016, beginning at 11:00. Programme: http://ej.uz/RestartMuseum-programma (pdf). Live broadcasting of the event on Latvijas Sabiedriskie mediji website www.lsm.lv.


For radi!2016 event programme please refer to the attachment or the website www.radilatvija.lv.


Creativity Week radi! is taking place for the sixth year and has evolved as a social movement throughout Latvia. It is initiated by the Ministry of Culture and the British Council representative office in Latvia. The aim of radi! is to promote public awareness and interest in the cultural and creative industries, innovative entrepreneurship, education promoting creativity, design thinking, interdisciplinary partnerships, knowledge-based economy and intelligent management.


radi!2016 strategic partners: Ministry of Science and Education,European Economic Area Financial Mechanism programme LV04 “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” Bilateral Cooperation Fund / www.eeagrants.org, Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, Creative Museum think tank, Latvian National Museum of Art, Danish Cultural Institute, Goethe Institute Latvia, the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia, Kaņepes Culture Centre.


Partners: Riga Art Space, Association of Culture Institutions of Riga City Council, "Laima" Chocolate Museum and Aldaris Beer Museum.



Media support: radio NABA, Draugiem.lv. 


Follow the updates on the website www.radilatvija.lv and social networks: Draugiem.lv, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, #radilv.


Additional information:

Lilita Sparāne, radi!2016 project manager, tel.: 29180042, email: lilita.sparane@radilatvija.lv

Reinis Druvietis, Cultural Society “Make Art”, advertising, tel.: 29293938, email: art@makeart.lv

Kontaktpersona: Lilita Sparāne, radi!2016 project manager, tel.: 29180042, email: lilita.sparane@radilatvija.lv; Reinis Druvietis, Cultural Society “Make Art”, advertising, tel.: 29293938, email: art@makeart.lv

12.05.2016. Press release: May – the month of culmination of the Creativity Week radi!2016 events

Datums: 12.05.2016.

Laiks: May, 2016

Kur: Riga and regions, Latvia

Dalībnieki: All those interested

Vairāk informācijas:

May – the month of culmination of the Creativity Week radi!2016 events


Press release,

12 May 2016


For the sixth year Creativity Week radi!2016 offers an extensive programme in Riga and regions, encouraging the implementation of innovative ideas in collaboration with creative industries, being open and intelligently working in partnerships, creating a better life for yourself and your fellow men in the long run. 


This year the main events will happen in May, but extensive satellite programme will also take place before and after the radi! culmination programme. They consist of discussions, knowledge transfer seminars, workshops, think tanks, examples of interdisciplinary cooperation and other types of collaborative thinking, working and creating. More: www.radilatvija.lv.


Celebrating the opening of the Creativity Week radi!2016, the Minister of Culture Dace Melbārde stressed that radi! initiatives played a significant role in community building, through the development of creative industries and by providing opportunities for people to meet, in order to create together new and innovative values: “over the past six years radi! evolved as a social movement, providing substantial methods that help spur change. For instance, concepts such as creative partnerships, interdisciplinarity, design thinking or creative management are no longer foreign words. In 2016 I would propose to place the emphasis on the growth of museums in Latvia. Museums have turned into co-working spaces and serve as an important resource for the development of creative industries.”


radi!2016 is a social movement that provides an opportunity to join entrepreneurial event makers, that seek work in different partnerships in order to develop new and innovative ideas that will benefit the community. Submitting your radi!2016 event to the calendar is possible throughout the year. In 2016 radi! continues to also focus on the possibility of using design thinking as an effective instrument.


In April 2016, the radi! initiators invited Latvian people to describe what our life in Latvia will be like in 10, 50, 100 or 200 years, because today's thoughts, ideas and actions serve as the foundation of the future of Latvia. During the opening event on 12 May scenarios of the development of Latvia were drafted with the help of Latvian residents who participated in radi! event “Design Steps for the Future - Generation of Ideas for the Future”.


They mark the steps in our design thinking of the future that follow Dr.art. Aija Freimane’s and Matīss Zvaigzne’s Dizaina pēdas reference book on design, technological innovation, society, sustainability, economics, political events. It urges to consider what are the cause and effect relationships in the future, which are influenced by historical events, issues in society and relevant design solutions.


Main radi!2016 events in May 


Conference Pār-jaunot muzeju / Re-start Museum is one of the radi!2016 central events that will take place on 18 May - International Museum Day. This year radi! places a strong emphasis on modern challenges of the museums, museums as the space for traditions, values, discovery and models of new thinking. What does it mean – to restart a museum? How museum's innovation process is perceived and evaluated from different sides? Focusing on the museum and the creative industry partnerships, the conference will offer a democratic platform for exchange of experience in order to stimulate thinking, which also serves as a restart button. Representatives of Latvian and foreign museums and creative industries will share their experience in methods and challenges of museum innovation. The conference brings together world-class experts such as, for instance, the Estonian Maritime Museum director Urmas Dresen(Estonia), Reykjavik City Museum director Guðbrandur Benediktsson (Iceland), the Liverpool National Museum director David Fleming (United Kingdom) and others.Everyone is invited. Venue: Riga Art Space, Kungu iela 3, Riga. Time: 18 May 2016; beginning at 11:00 AM. 


Programme: radi2016_conference_restart_museum_programme_eng.pdf

http://ej.uz/RestartMuseum-programma (pdf).


On 19 and 20 May, anyone interested is invited to participate in radi! event atRADUms - orienteering - found? ... co-working space! Co-working spaces around the world are an increasingly popular alternative to personal offices or working at home, because they combine the advantages of working in a team, with the flexibility inherent in acting individually. This year in the context of the Creativity Week radi! we want to highlight common places of work and creation that can be found and visited by all those interested at certain times or application conditions according to each specific location. 

Programme: http://ej.uz/radi_atRADUMS_programma (pdf).


Visual Understanding Week will take place from 23 to 28 May during UNESCO Arts Education Week. Its aim is to arouse interest in society about the role of visual understanding in lifelong learning. At the same time cultural heritage is a source of inspiration for creating a new legacy, thus promoting tangible and intangible cleansing of Latvian cultural environment. More: www.ppmf.lu.lv/zinas/t/40072.


Conference Culture and Art Education: Create Yourself at School! will take place on 25 May during UNESCO Arts Education Week with the aim to raise awareness and interest in opportunities created by the development of education in creative and cultural industries, learning about the latest trends, best foreign experience and highlighting Latvia’s achievements. Cultural awareness and expression handbook by European Commission work group, which mentions Creativity Week radi! in the list of significant events, will be presented during the conference.

Venue: Latvian Academy of Culture, Ludzas iela, 24, Riga. Time: 10:00 - 16:30.


On 27 May Creative Europe (Radošā Eiropa) office will conduct seminars on new business models in culture and creative industries. Creative Europeoffice encourages finding out what the new business models are and how their implementation in daily work of the cultural and creative sectors contribute to the ability to successfully work in the context of challenges brought forth by globalization and digitization.Venue: cultural space «3 sisters» Zirgu iela 1, Riga. Time: 10:30 – 15:30. Registration: http://ej.uz/radi2016_biznesskultura.


For radi!2016 event programme please refer to the attachment or the website www.radilatvija.lv


Creativity Week radi! is taking place for the sixth year and has evolved as a social movement throughout Latvia. It is initiated by the Ministry of Culture and the British Council representative office in Latvia. The aim of radi! is to promote public awareness and interest in the cultural and creative industries, innovative entrepreneurship, education promoting creativity, design thinking, interdisciplinary partnerships, knowledge-based economy and intelligent management.


radi!2016 strategic partners: Ministry of Science and Education, European Economic Area Financial Mechanism programme LV04 “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” Bilateral Cooperation Fund / www.eeagrants.org, Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, Creative Museum think tank, Latvian National Museum of Art, Danish Cultural Institute, Goethe Institute Latvia, the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia, Kaņepes Culture Centre.


Media support: radio NABA, Draugiem.lv.  


Follow the updates on the website www.radilatvija.lv and social networks: Draugiem.lvFacebookTwitterYouTube, #radilv.


Additional information:

Lilita Sparāne, radi!2016 project manager, tel.: 29180042, email: lilita.sparane@radilatvija.lv

Reinis Druvietis, Cultural Society “Make Art”, advertising, tel.: 29293938, email: art@makeart.lv



Press release, ENG (pdf)

Kontaktpersona: Lilita Sparane, project manager, lilita.sparane@radilatvija.lv

09.05.2016. Press release. Discussions regarding the future of Latvia will take place during the opening of Creativity week radi!2016

Datums: 09.06.2016.



Vairāk informācijas:

Press release, 9 May 2016


We invite you to attend Creativity week radi!2016 opening media event on Thursday, 12 May, 14:00, at Latvian National Museum of Art conference room, Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 10, Riga, entrance from Esplanade park.



  • Dace Melbārde, Minister of Culture,
  • Evija Papule, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science,
  • Baiba Moļņika, Acting General Secretary of Latvian National Commission for UNESCO,
  • Zane Matesoviča, Director of British Council representative office in Latvia,
  • Aiva Rozenberga, Director of Latvian Institute,
  • Inete Zelča-Sīmansone, Head of Creative Museums think tank,
  • Aija Freimane, the author of “Design Steps” (“Dizaina pēdas”) reference book, Assistant Professor of the Art Academy of Latvia,
  • Lilita Sparāne, Creativity week radi!2016 project manager,
  • Participants of the “Design steps for the future" idea generation for development of Latvia.


At the Creativity week radi!2016 media event we will introduce you to:

  • radi!2016 ideas and a diverse programme of events;
  • Aija Freimane’s and Matīss Zvaigzne’s reference bookDesign Steps on developments in design, technological innovation, social life, sustainability, economy, politics;
  • “Design Steps for the Future – Future Idea Generation” joint creation of development scenarios by teams of the participants before the media event who, by prior arrangement, submitted their visions of the future development of Latvia.


Creativity Week radi! is taking place for the sixth year and has evolved as a social movement throughout Latvia. It is initiated by the Ministry of Culture and the British Council representative office in Latvia. The aim of radi! is to promote public awareness and interest in the cultural and creative industries, innovative entrepreneurship, education promoting creativity, design thinking, interdisciplinary partnerships, knowledge-based economy and intelligent management.


radi!2016 places a strong emphasis on the challenges of a modern museum, the museum as a place for tradition, values, cognition and new patterns of thinking. One of the radi!2016 central events is the Pār-jaunot muzeju / Re-start Museum conference, which will take place 18 May during the International Museum Day.


By this time several radi! satellite events have already passed, and this week, 9 May, workshop The stories of Latvia will be held, organized by the Latvian Institute; during the practical workshops foreign students studying in Latvia will create their own stories about Latvia. In turn, 10 May, for the third year the world championship for creative entrepreneurs Creative Business Cup will take place; there young entrepreneurs will compete for the opportunity to represent Latvia and to continue the fight for the title of “The world's best creative entrepreneur 2016” in Copenhagen. Venue: Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Strēlnieku iela 4a, Riga. Time: 14:00.


If possible, please inform about your participation in the media event before 11 May by email: reinis@makeart.lv.


See you there!

Additional information:

Lilita Sparāne, radi!2016 project manager, tel.: 29180042, email: lilita.sparane@radilatvija.lv

Reinis Druvietis, Cultural Society “Make Art”, advertising, tel.: 29293938, email: art@makeart.lv




Kontaktpersona: Lilita Sparāne, radi!2016 project manager, tel.: 29180042, email: lilita.sparane@radilatvija.lv; Reinis Druvietis, Cultural Society “Make Art”, advertising, tel.: 29293938, email: art@makeart.lv

Full radi!2016 programme for May (printed material)

Datums: May of 2016

Laiks: ***

Kur: ***

Dalībnieki: ***

Vairāk informācijas:

The actual May program for radi!2016 is available here


Stay tuned for the program is constantly being updated!


A team of radi!


Kontaktpersona: ***

07.05. Jānis Straupe solo exhibition "Sinker, Runner AND Hindenburg

Datums: 07.05.2016.

Laiks: 16.00

Kur: Siguldas Castle Complex, Pils iela 16, Sigulda

Dalībnieki: All of those interested

Vairāk informācijas:

The works in the exhibition of Jānis Straupe were purposefully chosen to reflect the outstanding diversity of the artist’s creativity. On one hand, they are pieces of unique exclusive design furniture, on the other — kinetic art sculptures, and often the two are not even separable, thus going beyond fine arts and design.


Janis Straupe says that his greatest satisfaction comes from challenging the other craftsmen and gravity. This time the visitors too are provoked to question and reassess their current concepts of furniture design. A flat surface and four legs is not a necessary prerequisite for a table, anda curved sitting surface does not prevent a bench from fulfilling its function. Jānis Straupe play fully deconstructs shapes of everyday household items and changes their proportions.

However, while looking at the unusual works, one should keep in mind that behind the external lightness lies the thorough work of a craftsman and quite a few professional challenges. More than thirty years Janis Straupe remains faithful to the same material — wood, continuing to explore its potential and searching for new ways to carry out ideas that seem impossible at first.


One of the themes running through the works displayed, both literally and figuratively, is the movement. It is reflected in the exhibited sculpture «Running table» and in the design of the dresser «Sphera», and in the kinetic woodwork objects. The artist’s flow of thought is equally dynamic, he has toconstantly come up with new ideas, because, in his own words, «it is impossible not to think.»


In the exhibition the wider audience in Latvia can finally see up close one of Janis Straupe best–known works, the internationally acclaimed storage «Beetle». In its essence the alder masterpiece is a functional sculpture, which once again confirms its creator’s distinctive trait — synthesis of unique artistic vision and technical perfection.


Works of Jānis Straupe are inspired not only by desire to overcome the laws of physics, but also by surrealist art and experimental cinema, hence the exhibited sculpture «Carrot of Hindenburg», a reference to the well–known airship disaster. It is one of the objects that was made for film, art and music festival «RojaL» and was exhibited at sea last summer.


Jānis Straupe experiments with viewer’s visual, spatial and psychological perception, at times creating an illusion of stability, at times— of its absence, of movement and immobility, of practicality and totally irrational flight of thought. Nevertheless, the astonishing quality of woodworks is not an illusion, it is the result of the real mastery of Jānis Straupe.


The exhibition is organized by MAD International Design Summer School in collaboration with the Sigulda castle complex.

Exhibition design by Rihards Funts, RIJADA

Kontaktpersona: Liene Kuplā, liene.kupla@sigulda.lv

09.05. Stories of Latvia

Datums: 09.05.2016.

Laiks: 14.00-15.30

Kur: The Latvian Institute, Pils iela 21, Rīga

Dalībnieki: International students

Vairāk informācijas:

Kontaktpersona: Kaspars Rūklis, kaspars.ruklis@gmail.com, tel. 67503653

13.05. A book "Floating Trunks" opening

Datums: 13.05.2016.

Laiks: 19.00

Kur: “NOASS” art center

Dalībnieki: All of those interested

Vairāk informācijas:

At “NOASS” art center a book opening and meeting with the artists will finalize the art project “Floating Trunks”.

“Floating Trunks” is an art project stretching across the Baltic Sea and which was initiated by the artist duo SIMKA (Karin Lind and Simon Häggblom) in 2013 after an invitation to participate in an art installation in Umeå and Riga in connection with the two cities’ role as European Capital of Culture in 2014. The core of this art project is migration, the mouths of the rivers, the Baltic Sea and the interaction between the three Baltic Sea cities Umeå, Riga and Pori.

The artist’s idea was to let “Floating Trunks” change location between the three cities which all have important river mouths where the rivers’ fresh water meets the salty sea. The river mouths have gained their significance and wealth precisely from being meeting points for all sorts of trading, transportation and cultural exchange. The word « trunk » encompasses associations to safety, the family and travel.

The trees, Umeå’s birches, Pori’s spruces and Riga’s pines, were placed in twenty-five colourful buoys that floated in the river mouths.

Kontaktpersona: Gita Jankovska, gita@noass.lv

16.05. Demola Latvia Mid-Pitch in cooperation with RaPaPro

Datums: 16.05.2016.

Laiks: 18.00

Kur: Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte, Kaļķu iela 1, 403.telpa

Dalībnieki: Everyone is welcome

Vairāk informācijas:

For the first time at Demola Mid-Pitch teams will pitch their cases and solutions externally. It is the opportunity for the public to hear how teams are performing and what are the issues they are working on, as well as follow the progress made since the beginning of the Spring 2016 season. The external experts will be invited to evaluate and give feedback to the teams. Our partners – AirBaltic, Mobilly, State Chancellery, Jurmala City Council, Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture and Telia Latvija have provided the cases for Demola students in this season.

7 teams will deliver the presentations on their progress in case solution development:
1)Air Baltic – on reinforcing the image of the Baltic region/Latvia globally, specifically focussing on bespoke reference projects representing the “eco-living” and “green” qualities.
2)Mobilly – on resolving a problem with queues and booking a time of the service.
3)Telia Latvija – on targeted and innovative value propositions of CLOUDY platform.
4)Jurmala City Council – on effective, easy and fast way for counting, saving and presenting the information about the tourists visiting the city.
5)Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture – on new visual identity concept development, smart communication ideas and information structuring that could help to position the Partnership in a new way.
6)State Chancellery – on efficient and innovative changes in the current State budget spending.
7)Demola Latvia – on development of a stronger Demola Latvia identity and marketing tools.

We have also foreseen interventions from special guests – Creative Partnerships’ Programme “RaPaPro” representatives: Riga Dome Choir School and “Aģentūra Zebra” Ltd. Co-creation project “Musicator” (music education + music industry + music production) and Jānis Rozentals Riga Art High School, Latvian Prison Administration and Iļģuciems Prison co-creation project “Art Belongs to the People” (art education + prison administration + social group: women in custody). 

“RaPaPro” is a cross-disciplinary co-creation method used in secondary vocational cultural education, serving as a good example for future developments in general education programs. RaPaPro aims to motivate pupils and their teaching staff to come out of their comfort zones – beyond the well-known borders of their educational programme – and build up yet unprecedented and undiscovered forms of cooperation with other sectors and develop unified ideas in a form of creative partnerships.

We believe that “RaPaPro” educates the generation of pupils that will be future students and participants at Demola projects, since both platforms promote the formation of a wise young generation well-trained in design process and multidisciplinary co-creation that is the basis for evolution of innovation, boost of cooperative skills and empathy and ability to seize opportunities, challenge existing systems and develop smart solutions to problems.

Demola Mid-pitch is a great chance for networking and fun that is an essential guarantee in all Demola Latvia events.

See you on the red carpet ready to rock that floor!

The event is organized within the Creativity week radi!2016 and supported by Riga Technical University.


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1715275142074815/


Partners: Demola Latvia operator Pulse Hub, Creative Partnerships Programme “RaPaPro”, Riga Technical University

Kontaktpersona: Lilita Sparāne, Head of Demola Latvia, lilita.sparane@demola.net

18.05. Conference RESTART MUSEUM

Datums: 18.05.2016.

Laiks: 11.00 – 17.00

Kur: Riga Art Space, Kungu iela 3, Rīga

Dalībnieki: All of those interested

Vairāk informācijas:

A museum as a custodian of the cultural memory of the society does not only perfectly fit into the cultural, creative and hospitality industry family, but obviously also enriches it.


Museums often provide an opportunity to create new services and goods, but with the originality that allows creativity and innovation to manifest themselves through the effective exploitation of the wealth accumulated during the centuries in the museums in the form of tangible and intangible heritage. Ideally, a museum acts as a catalyst for creativity and growth. But for that to happen, like other complex systems, a museum should be re-started from time to time.


Current time in Latvia is characterized by a number of ambitious museum renovation projects: the Latvian National Museum of Art, the National History Museum of Latvia, Riga Motor Museum, the Literature and Music Museum, a number of memorial museums. All this public space is now at a stage of preparation for reconstruction or is already being reconstructed and in the very near future will be modernized and will become an up-to-date welcoming and affordable space for meeting, learning and gaining experience.


What is it – to re-start/pār-atjaunot a museum? How is the process of re-creation of a museum understood and evaluated by different involved parties – customers, contractors and potential museum visitors?


Focusing on museums and creative industries synergies, we invite you to the event, which will offer a democratic platform for the exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge in order to encourage thinking, which is also a re-start button.


Conferece programme (PDF)

All of the participants must register here prior the conference

Kontaktpersona: Gunta Miheloviča, Gunta.Mihelovica@km.gov.lv, (+371) 67330243

31.05. Policy Area Culture of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Seminar within the Creativity week radi! in Latvia

Datums: 31.05.2016.

Laiks: 10.30 - 16.00

Kur: Goethe Institute, Riga Torņa street 1

Dalībnieki: All of those interested

Vairāk informācijas:

The meeting will be a perfect occasion to get introduced to Policy Area Culture:

  • Get to know current Flagship projects and information how to gain flagship status?
  • Get information on available funds for culture (EU and regional funding opportunities);
  • PA Culture activities in the field of culture and creative sectors;
  • Meet potential project partners and representatives of granting institutions;
  • Meet PA Culture coordinators and consult cooperation possibilities within PA Culture on the spot;
  • Pitch your idea and find partners to your project!
  • Expand you network!

Seminar programme (PDF)

Seminar Invitation (PDF)

Participation is free of charge, but registration is obligatory due to the limited availability of places. Register today via google registration system here

Policy Culture Coordinators: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and Ministry of Justice, Cultural and European Affairs of Land Schleswig-Holstein
Partners: Ministry of Culture of Latvia, Goethe Institute in Riga, ARS BALTICA
The seminar is organized within a framework of Creativity week radi! 2016.

Kontaktpersona: aceynowa@mkidn.gov.pl, radi@radilatvija.lv